Frequently Asked Questions of our Jacksonville Martial Arts Classes.

Q: Do you offer group classes only? Or private instruction, too?

While most of our students enjoy the camaraderie of our group classes, we offer private instruction, too. Feel free to ask our Jacksonville martial arts instructors for more details on private classes.

Q: How many students per class?

Generally, between 15-30 people are in a class. But no worries! More students = more instructors - so you always get the attention you need.

Q: Are these classes beginner-friendly?

Absolutely. Every class has a nice range of beginners, intermediates, and pros. Everyone is kind and supportive of beginners so you'll feel right at home.

Q: Will you help me with my nutritional habits?

Our Jacksonville fitness kickboxing program comes jam-packed with an awesome nutrition plan. It's tasty, fat-melting, and easy to stick to.

Q: Will your martial arts classes help me tone up and lose weight?

If your main goal is weight loss - we recommend our Jacksonville fitness kickboxing program. It's designed for one purpose: to help you burn fat and tone up, fast.

However, our other Jacksonville martial arts classes will help strengthen and tone your body, too. Every class provides a great workout that uses your body in new ways.

Q: How many classes per week is a good amount to attend?

With classes 6 days a week, we can accommodate practically any kind of schedule. Come as many - or as few- times a week as you'd like. Most members come 1-3 times a week and do great.

Q: Do I need to "shape up" before starting your classes?

Somehow, a rumor was spread that you need to be in shape before starting martial arts classes. This couldn't be further from the truth! We have members of all fitness levels - and each of them has a great, fulfilling experience. If you're not in shape now, our classes will improve your overall fitness in no time.

Q: Where are your Jacksonville Martial Arts Classes located?

Karate America • 9825 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32257 • (904) 268-4424

Q: How can I get started today?

Start our Jacksonville martial arts classes today! Call us directly at (904) 268-4424 or sign up right on this website for access to our online-only offers!